Combined Driving —
the most fun you can
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“Leslie is a driver with uppermost skill in the basics, optimal workout methods, and vast and successful experience in World Championship, making her an outstanding talent in international world of Combined Driving.”


          -Michael Freund, USEF Combined Driving Coach, FEI judge, several times World Champion, Germany 


“Leslie’s intuitive reading of a horse’s strengths and sensitive approach to its weaknesses is a profound talent. Leslie can deftly tune your handling of your horse--quickly transforming you both into a strong, effective, and fun team. She is generous with sharing her knowledge of horse care, competition preparation, driving tips, and anything you want or need to learn."


          -Beth Scott, Carson City, NV


"Recently, we brought in the wonderful, Leslie Berndl  to Thomas Farms for a clinic.  While I hadn’t taken a lesson from Leslie before, I have watched her at her home, in Portugal, and at Live Oak.   In addition to gaining many new skills and important knowledge, I looked forward to applying what I gained at home.  What I didn’t know was how much fun it would be and how much the horses would benefit from her lessons. 

Leslie’s lesson are chock full of exercises which helped us be better drivers for our horses’ sake!  It wasn’t so much about fixing our driving problems as helping the horses be better at what we wanted.  Of course, to achieve that Leslie had to fix us, and sometimes our equipment.  But the differences between our before and after was like night and day. 

Throughout Saturday I watched Leslie take the reins, figure out what the horses needed, and proceed in helping each driver achieve whatever it was that needed improvement.  Such a gift! 

On Sunday, we picked upwhere we had left off the day before.  That speaks volumes for how happy the horses were. If we hadn’t made them happy and comfortable, we would have had the “old” horse, not the new!  Even my Monty went to my hand, through his topline, used his left hind leg from the first step forward, AND stood still when given the opportunity -- miracle in of itself!

If you want to laugh, learn and make your horse a willing participant in the sport of driving, bring in Leslie Berndl for a clinic.  She has something to offer every one.  On top that, it is the most fun, ever!"

          -Nubby Errikson, Oregon